Lombok holidays and Beyond

Lombok holidays and beyond: Leisured trip till hiking, Visit: Lombok island, Services: Package tours and Activities, Category: Recreation and travel. As a human, people need holidays. Sometimes it is hard to pick which is one the best place to go. Whereas more spots for visiting. Whilst, for instance, Indonesia has many options where you can have a nice holiday. Of course, Lombok island is worth visiting. Besides, other islands like Sumatra, Java & Yogyakarta. Also Bali island, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi. Moreover, these provinces are recommended like Papua Indonesia, Ambon Maluku, Sumba & Flores islands. Yet, it will consume much time and effort to look for a nice place. So that, the Lombok holidays and beyond is the shortcut for searching the recommended trip. Another hand, savings more time for you. We do all, you just sit and relax enjoying the holidays.

lombok holidays and beyond

Furthermore, Lombok holidays and beyond has various trip activities. From leisurely till hiking trip program. Moreover, Lombok offers warm sunshine until the coolest mountain weather. So, You can have a holiday option while on the island of Lombok. How about cycling around lush evergreen rice paddies?. Maybe Surfing around Kuta Lombok?. Or just relaxing on the white sand beach on Gili island. If you need more challenging, you may do hiking to Mount Rinjani. Other Lombok holidays and beyond activities such as diving, snorkeling tours in the peaceful ocean. And island boat trip. Also possible, from Lombok visiting Komodo island by boat. The choices are many include Lombok daily tours too. You may visit Sasak village and Mataram city. Sendang Gile waterfall, Penakak & Banyu Mulek Pottery. Ancient trees as well as the Loyok village for the bamboo craft. Don’t miss visit four popular Gili islands. Gili Air, Gili Meno, Trawangan, and Nanggu. You can reach these islands from Bangsal harbor and West Sekotong. The easy access if you stay in the Senggigi hotel area or Mataram hotel. In conclusion, Lombok island is a neighbor of Bali. And Lombok divided into four regencies. Hence, every regency has its own typical attractions. Due to the airport now located on Central Lombok (Praya). Which near to Kuta beach. But travel around the island is not so difficult. You can ride either motorbike or hire a car with a driver. This is a simple way to explore remote areas. Just a little note regards Lombok holidays and beyond information. The four Lombok main towns are Gerung, West Lombok & Tanjung, North Lombok. Also Selong, East Lombok. If you see on the map, Lombok is not a big island. You can visit most of it by driving around 12 hours with a stopover. Started Senggigi then Tanjung and Senaru. Continue to Sembalun, up the hill, down to Sapit village. Straight to Praya and finish in Mataram city. So, Welcome to the Lombok holidays and beyond. I wish you enjoyed the trip. So that when you return home with good memories. So, keep staying tuned on our blog too.

In general, Gili and Lombok are two separate isles. But in common ways, travelers used to mention both islands. Hence, it is already become a habit to say Gili and Lombok. Actually, there are many beautiful unspoiled Gilis. They are located mostly in the eastern and western sides. If you go sightseeing in East Lombok. You can find many tiny isles. Also on the western side like the southern part of Sekotong and the popular one are three Gilis which belong now to North of Lombok. So, Lombok holidays and beyond programs, not just to explore around this awesome islands. But from Lombok, you can visit many places outside Lombok. You may check airport flight arrivals and Lombok departure schedules. There are a lot of solutions available to these problems nowadays that might not have been available in the past. Imagine the flight now much easier than the old days. Lombok holidays and beyond is based on West Lombok regency, see on the maps. We are welcome for any inquiry that not mentioned on our website yet. Because we have a lot of answers and just a few that we implemented as tour programs. So, if you would customize the itinerary, please do not hesitate to email us. We will work on your request. Thus, stop dreaming, come now and visit Lombok and Indonesia archipelago. Since January 2020 Coronaviruses have been impacted many sectors of the economy. The big impacted cause of COVID is the tourism industry. Imagine such as Hoteliers, Transportations, Travel Agency, and Tour operator. If you could assume how many employees layoffs due to Coronaviruses. Furthermore, this plague nobody knows when it is ending. Meanwhile, people are mostly staying at home for physical distancing. Also for not spreading the virus to other humans. From January to June, it has been a difficult time for anybody in the world. We are at the same storm but it is just different onboard a ship. In Indonesia, from June 2020 the public service is step by step opened. We hope by July 2020 all economic wheels are back to normal. Of course, there are several guidelines that we have to follow. For instance, it is a must to wear masker, keep a distance, wash a hand, and bring always hand sanitizer. And if you travel, you must bring a healthy certificate that you are free of Covid-19. Please contact our nearest Indonesia embassy in your country for further assistance. We at Lombok holidays and beyond are ready to welcome you. You can reserve now and travel later. As we assume, 2021 is going to be easier to travel to Indonesia than in 2020. Because our government will be updated for good policy for travelers.

Lombok Holidays and Beyond – Places of Interest on Lombok Island.

NumberTourism ObjectsLocations
1Sendang Gile Waterfall.North Lombok
2Mount Rinjani.North Lombok
3Senaru Village.North Lombok
4Excursion by boat to islands around Gili’sNorth Lombok
5Pink Beach of South Lombok.Central Lombok
6Kuta Beach Lombok.Central Lombok
7Sade Sasak Village.Central Lombok
8Tanjung Aan Beach.Central Lombok
9Seger Beach.Central Lombok
10Selong Belanak Beach.Central Lombok
11Semeti Beach.Central Lombok
12Mawi Beach.Central Lombok
13Benang Stokel & Benang Kelambu Waterfalls.Central Lombok
14Banymulek Traditional Pottery.West Lombok
15Hindu Temple ( Mayura and Lingsar).West Lombok
16 Narmada Park.West Lombok
17 Gili Nanggu Island.West Lombok
18 Gili Kedis. West Lombok
19Senggigi beaches. West Lombok
20 Tete Batu Landscape.East Lombok
21 Gili Sulat Island.East Lombok
22 Gili Lampu.East Lombok
23 Gili Bidara.East Lombok
24 Pringgasela Weaving Village. East Lombok
25Sapit Village & Sembalun Agro Farming.East Lombok
26Sukarara Weaving Village.East Lombok
27Loyok Bamboo Craft.East Lombok
28Penakak Tourism Village.East Lombok
29 Ancient Trees. East Lombok
30Kelayu BeachEast Lombok

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