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About us on Gili Lombok are about some of our thoughts, ideas and experienced for years on tourism industry. We are mature in life as our ages growing older but still young in heart. Because we enjoyed our job and life.

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About Us

About us is tour experienced, about our thoughts, ideas, mission, vision and our experienced tour guiding for years where we can focus in eco tourism. Get more details from Gili Paradise about Gili Lombok.

about us on gili lombok

We would let you know about us, the people behind the Gili-Lombok.com. Firstly, we have a motto: We are not the best but fantastic. Because as human beings, we realized that no one is perfect but the experiences brought us from immature into becoming mature in many backgrounds of life. Especially our specialty in the tourism industry. We started most of our experience from zero bases as a tour guide. We remember at that time how difficult was but time is going fast. We are entering now the modern life. And everything is in our hands. it much easier nowadays to get any information in your hand through a cellphone.

Gili-Lombok.com represents online information for local activities, local events and what is happening in Lombok. This is to ensure before you go. You will have an idea of what think to do. And where shall you go around Lombok. of course besides Gili Lombok, we also are able to help you with attractions around Indonesia.

But mainly, we are focus on our local area. Where we live and breathe. Just for a quick overview of Lombok. Lombok island is a neighbor of Bali island. It is going to developing in the upcoming year. Do you know why?. Because we realized that tourism plays many good benefits for the local economies. Therefore, not just that but also to play sustainable tourism. At least no last, see you on Lombok, meet up face to face at nice cafe. And talk more about us, about Lombok and about beautiful Indonesia. Hence, we need a holiday, people need relaxing. So, Lombok provides everything that you need on a holiday. Don't miss it to take your holiday to Lombok island and beyond. Cheers.

Who we are?

Gili Lombok Wisata is built from the experience of our team working together. We have dedicated our lives to the tourism industry. Who has had many years’ experience in the tourism industry and has visited many tourist destinations in Indonesia. Not only do we seek to introduce you, the intrepid traveler, to our Indonesia - this website will give information and publicity about this country. It will also bring much-needed work and income to the local people we visit. We recognize the need, the hunger for such holidays 'off the beaten track'.

Trek up the High Volcanoes - Dive deep into the blue sea - get lost in our dense wilderness.

Why Gili-Lombok.Com?

Gili Lombok Wisata has been your host and the best guide through Lombok and beyond for the past 25 years. Our main office is located in Lombok island. We are not an automated booking service, but a team of actual individuals and travel professionals. Our goal is to make sure that every guest finds their ideal tour packages. Our agents are at your disposal 7 days a week offering fast advice and recommendations to make your holiday an unforgettable one.

Experience is the best teacher.

Gili Lombok Wisata opens up Ecological and Adventure trips to all types of people. The Scientist, Naturalist, Photographer, Adventurer, Student, Boy Scout, or even families and others who care, know and are curious to know more about the environment.

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