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Bali island has been for years as leading of tourism in Indonesia. It is becoming an icon as an example for suistainable of tourism. Lets say, bali island is best lecturer (college teacher) for us.

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Bali Island

Bali island attractions and paradise islands are tour holiday information. It offers daily trip activity and vacation to visit this amazing island. Bali offers you various trip activities from leisure to trek, from day tours to long stay packages, sunset cruise, romantic dinner, and Bali outdoors. There is much curiosity about paradise island of Bali.

Bali island or people called paradise island has offered many tourist attractions. From Balinese cultures, tradition, water sport. Also hiking mount Agung, and much more. Therefore Denpasar Bali provides everything that you are looking for a holiday. From simple accommodation to luxury hotels are exist in Bali island. As a famous and well-known island in Indonesia. It makes Denpasar Bali is busier through year around. This includes national holidays and school vacations. As well as an international holiday too. There are heaps of travel agency offers vacation to Denpasar Bali. Of course, travel agencies play an important rule in the tourism industry. This is very good signs for local income, employees and us, as a travel agent. Also another good benefit from the impact of Bali tourism. It is the neighbor island, Lombok offers Gili island and Sumba Flores island. Because of direct flight access. It makes so much easier to reach those island from Denpasar Bali. Also possible to sightseeing Ijen crater from Bali island.

Bali island attractions lure many peoples who seek holiday place. There is no hesitation, Bali is becoming the first destination in Indonesia. Although it is now developing fast. Still, Balinese is always kept their culture and traditions. As the pioneers of Indonesia tourism. Bali island-inspired many provinces in Indonesia. However, If you intend to visit Denpasar Bali. What you should do is, consider where to stay?. And try to get a hotel near the local attractions. So, you can be at the spot on time. Because it is crowded with traffic jams. Especially when on holiday season. So, below are the regencies of Bali includes one of the Municipality. And Kuta belongs to Badung, it is a subdistrict of Badung. The Regencies (Kabupaten) of Bali island with the Capital.

Number Regencies The Capital
1 Badung Mangupura
2 Bangli Bangli
3 Buleleng Singaraja
4 Gianyar Gianyar
5 Jembrana Negara
6 Karangasem Amlapura
7 Klungkung Semarapura
8 Tabanan Tabanan
9 Denpasar Municipality Denpasar

How To Book Bali Island Attractions

bali island attractions

1. Please send us TOUR REQUEST ( IF prices not mentioned ) or Book Now to reserve the trip ( IF prices are mentioned in the tour programs ) including the detail date you would like to have and the number of partners.
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2. The balance of payment could be made at least 4 weeks before the departure date.
3. Payment could be made through PayPal will apply an additional surcharge 5% for the amount will be transferred.

FORCE MAJEURE ( For flight Cancel and delay - most cases fly into remote areas in Indonesia ) :
Tour Packages excludes expenses incurred due to causes beyond our control (Force Majeure) and expenses also caused to flight cancellations & delays are not covered by we will assist in the rescheduling of all flights & organizing suitable accommodations transport and meals etc… but ALL costs are to be covered by yourself if these circumstances occur.

Bali Island Attractions

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