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Central Lombok is famous for Kuta beach. But others, you can do either beginner or pro seasoned surfers at Selong Belanak and Mawi beach. Tanjung Aan is also awesome beach to enjoy your holiday.

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Central Lombok

Central Lombok with capital Praya. And what best things to do & see. Because Kuta with crystal beaches offers awesome activities. Hence, it will bring you memorable experiences in the Centre of Lombok.

Central Lombok or Indonesian Lombok Tengah with the center of government is Praya. This regency consists of 12 districts, 12 sub-districts, and 127 villages. They are Batukliang, Batukliang Utara, Janapria, Jonggat, Koppang, Praya, Praya Barat, Praya Barat Daya, Praya Tengah, Praya Timur, Pringgarata, Pujut. Praya is about 1 hour driving from Mataram city. How to reach Praya from Senggigi or Bangsal?. There are two options to get there. You can drive through a new highway road. From Senggigi to Ampenan then via Malomba then drive through to Lingkar Selatan road. And also you can use the old road through Kediri, Sukarare. But the travelers now using the highway road. Because of it much faster. Hence travelers are keen on going to Kuta Lombok. Kuta is a coastal town in the south of the island of Lombok in Indonesia. Others that Bandara International Lombok is located in Central Lombok. Which is not far from Kuta Lombok. So, Staying in Kuta is to be considered, upon arrival on Airport Lombok.

Kuta is a tourist place in Central Lombok. It is like other tourist place. Kuta Lombok also offers you many activity. Whether you are on backpacking or a holiday. You should not miss this awesome beaches. And crystal clear water on Lombok.

Boundaries of Central Lombok.
North: North Lombok Regency.
South: Lombok Basin, Indian Ocean.
West: Gerung, Mataram, West Lombok Regency.
East: East Lombok Regency.

Central Lombok Things to Do

central lombok information1. Check out the beaches
Tanjung Aan & Seger Beach are more popular. We suggest you to hanging out a few days around Kuta Lombok.

2. Hit The Kuta Surf
Selong Belanak beach & Mawi beach are two spots for beginner and pro seasoned surfer.

3. Batu Payung – The famous Lombok rock.
It is one of the most unusual and amazing coastal landforms. So if you are planning to visit, make sure to check the tides.

4. Bangkang Cave – The mystical Lombok bat cave
It is an underground bat cave. You must climb down with bamboo stairs. It is going to blow your mind seeing the light rays around midday.

5. Sunset At Merese Hill.
Bukit Merese is the perfect place to catch the sunset in Lombok Kuta. Because With stunning views and epic lighting in the evenings. This spot is not to be missed on your things to do in Kuta Lombok list. Also, consider watching the sunset at Semeti Beach.

6. Benang stokel & Benang kelambu waterfalls
It is an hour and a half drive away from the main town of Kuta. For a thrilling day out at some of the best waterfalls in Central Lombok.

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