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Covid 19 with the current situation closed many sector businesses. And there are many unemployed peoples due to COVID 19. Hoteliers, travel agencies, and transportations are getting the big impact of Coronaviruses. Because it is being part of the category of the tourism sector in which people are not able to go on holiday.

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Covid 19.

COVID 19 is really shocked me up in this century. I did not expect that this virus spread throughout the whole world. And the impact is all sector's economics collapsed. I thought Coronaviruses were like SARs, Mers, and other previous viruses. But Covid-19 is a terrible virus and shaking the whole country. As we know through the news all media such as video, social media, or televisions that Coronaviruses are contagious from human to human. It is different than previous diseases. That is why we are suggested to stay at home for safety reasons. So that it is not bringing disease to other humans. I have seen due to COVID 19 that severals of a world leader like the president, prime minister, and kings instruct their country to lockdown (COVID-19 has placed the whole world on lockdown). This reason for not spreading the coronaviruses. Because it is really an unseen enemy for human. Even we don't know how it looks like the COVID 19?. So, however, Physical distancing must be obeyed.

Whatever it is, viruses or diseases are not nice things. However, healthy life is the most important one. But in fact, in the year 2020, we are facing a big humane tragedy by the plague disease. I assume this COVID 19 is more fierce than the earthquake. Because we have to do social distancing, in which humans are used to living in social and interact with each other. On another hand, for safety reasons and cut the chain of the Coronaviruses spreads. Hence, we have to stay at home and do everything from home. The only way we're gonna get through this, if we think as WE, and Not as me. Furthermore, this COVID 19 is an invisible creature as we cannot see them. We can see the real impact on human life is, we have feelings be suspicious one of each other. Especially if you go to a shopping mall.

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Coronaviruses also called COVID 19 is already caused many victims around the world. I could say thousands of people are dead during the Pandemic Corona. I am so sorry and my big condolences to people who have passed away due to these Pandemic viruses. However, we have to move forward against the disease as I said that we must think as we, not as me. Because, we must work together, helping each other. We should not be solitary but we must build solidarity for humane. I know, you know and we have the faith that we can face this current situation with COVID 19 together. Our government is working hard on this situation to prevent and cures all the peoples. There’s must be good things behind the Coronaviruses. We just wait and patient till the end comes with a happy ending. Then people can go on holiday like before.

Okay, the plague is hard to receive, but other good things are for nature and animals. It seems like the earth needs to take a break for a while. As you can imagine that we were super busy with the daily routine. Sometimes we almost forgot with our family and friends. And now due to COVID 19, we have a lot of time together with our relatives or friends. Well, we must take rest and the Coronaviruses are forced us to stay at home. Even it is with big consequences with many unemployment due to many factories is closed and collapsed. Like or Dislike, we must accept this situation. And think forward what shall we do during pandemic COVID 19. I might not say that it is easy doing something with the current situation. At least we use all our energy to survive and put all the good ideas together.

In conclusion, I have been working on tourism for years. And my travel agency is collapsed due to not able to run the business and what shall I do..? I closed temporarily the travel business. And I open the occasion local cuisine business. This is not much profit, but at least there’s an activity that I can do during the COVID 19. How it works that I run the business, I post through social media. And I collaborate with online transportation like motorbike transport to deliver the order. The only hope now with a fingered cross, the pandemic Coronaviruses are gone away. So that I can start from the beginning of the travel business. For further information about Indonesia Covid 19, please visit the officla website. And read more about world tourism organization information.

Lombok Island, 3rd of March 2020.

Warm regards, Gili Lombok Wisata.
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