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East Lombok is a Must to visit. There are many places of interest where you explore this regency. Besides the local attractions, also do not miss the local cuisine with fresh seafood at Kelayu beach.

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East Lombok

East Lombok and countryside sightseeing offer various tours activity from hiking, nice white sand beaches, green panorama, and Lombok amazing local handy crafts.

East Lombok is about 66 Kilometers from Mataram. The capital of West Nusa Tenggara. It is approximately 1 hour 54 minutes driving by car. Selong is the capital of East Lombok. And this regency is the most populated region on Lombok island. It is about 1.105.582 peoples and a total area of 1.605,55 km2. This regency has 20 districts, they are Aikmel, Jerowaru, Keruak, Labuhan Haji, Masbagik, Montong Gading, Pringgabaya, Pringgasela, Sakra Barat, Sakra Timur, Sakra, Sambelia, Selong, Sembalun, Sikur, Suela, Sukamulia, Suralaga, Terara and Wanasaba. How to reach Selong from Mataram. Heading to east passing Mayura temple in Cakranegara. Then continue straight onto Narmada city within West Lombok regency. And follow the main road until Masbagik, then turn right. The official East Lombok website.

Boundaries of East Lombok.
North: Java Sea.
South: Lombok Basin, Indian Ocean.
West: Praya, Central Lombok Regency & Mount Rinjani, North Lombok Regency.
East: Alas Strait, Sumbawa.

If you intend to visit East Lombok, try to keep on your list to explore this region.

Tete Batu
Located further north along the road from Loyok, Tete Batu village is situated on the slopes of Mt. Rinjani.

Loyok Central Handicraft
It is famous for the bamboo crafts that it produces.

This village in east Lombok is known for its traditional woven cloth.

Otak Kokok Gading & Jeruk Manis Waterfall
Located forty kilometers east of Mataram, this area is famous for its waterfall.

Famous for its traditional Sasak dance productions.

Kota Raja
This impressive-sounding area is home to an attractive waterfall.

The capital city of East Lombok.

it is a white expanse of sand, Bau Nyale festival is held yearly to celebrated in Kuta South Lombok.

East Lombok Things to Do

east lombok informationGili Sulat, Gili Lawang, Gili Lampu.
These three islets lie off the coast of North-East Lombok. These beautiful islets can be reached by boat from Labuhan Lombok.

Senanti's renown as wood carves village.

The dense forest which covers Lemor and its surrounding areas.

Grave of Selaparang
Its a sacred grave of Selaparang King.

Suradadi villagers use their traditional skills to make handicraft items from lontar and palm leaves.

This traditional village is known for its uncomplicated way of life.

A famous location from which to view fantastic panoramas that East Lombok offers.

Sembalun Lawang
Situated on the cool eastern slopes of Mt. Rinjani.

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