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Frequently Asked Questions between customers and travel agencies. This Faq is the most questionnaire and answers appropriately based on receiving the email. The Frequently Asked Questions Common questions are about payment, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions is FAQ related question and answer of tour confirmation topic, and so on. So, find the related Frequently Asked Questions here. Or just ask us for details through email. This FAQ is the most questions we have received through email. we then put the most necessary question and answers regarding the tour packages in Indonesia. This normally about the flight, payment methods, baggage's allowance, airport tax, and how to get there. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to email us at gililomboktrekkingtour (@)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Payment Methods.
  • Tour Confirmation.
  • General Questions.

Here are several Frequently Asked Questions which most asked.

Q: Does the package price include domestic airfare ?.

A: in most cases, quotation of tour package, airfares is not included. This is the reason due air ticket prices tend to change as well as the flight company is beyond our management. If there is refund or reimbursement, it will have bit confusion and bit headache. we have to follow flight company regulation/policy. to be sure that airfares is in Inclusion or Exclusion in the tour package offered, please read carefully each tour package in our web page, IF there is not, we can help and do pre-purchase all domestic airfares at superb rates.

*Please note that do to the remote locations, domestic airfare is a must arrange in advance by purchase round trip air ticket. Domestic internal flight is only allowed booked within Indonesia (no online booking or credit card accepted).

Q: What happens if a traveler cancels a trip?

A: Please refer to our term and condition for cancellation by you.

Q: How do i get to orangutan tanjung puting?

A: From Jakarta is direct flight to Pangkalan Bun airport. It takes 1hrs 10m flight and If from Bali need to fly either to Surabaya and or Jakarta then connect to flight to Pangkalan bun. There is daily flight from/to Bali, Surabaya and Jakarta to Pangkalan bun airport and vice versa.

Q: what is the payment method?

A: we have two types of receiving the payment but most we use PayPal to receive payment.
1). Bank wired transfer.
2). Credit card through PayPal with additional PayPal processing fee.

Note: we are not receiving cash payment due to our company policy.

Q: How do i pay the tour booking that already confirmed?

A: You can use our bank details on behalf our company account or by using PayPal below.(PayPal is required 3,95% processing fee and you have to added from the totals amount of invoice).

Q: Does your bank account personal?

A: NO, we have company bank account as well as our verified PayPal account is business. Both account is legitimated and verified by the two institution. This is a trust where you can feel save in soul and mind when sending the fund to us. Because company bank account is protected by government laws.

Q: About the tour, do you confirm it is a private trip?

A: Yes, we do serve all is privately trip based on the group of your friends or family.

Q: How do i make booking?

A: To book tour packages, please send us an inquiry by mentioning the tour code, number tour participant/s who is joining the trip and domestic flight assistance includes each name of people for flight booking (if any), we will respond your email less than 6 hours business working day with information

A: To book room hotels, some of the rooms and prices might not be available for some dates. To see a confirmed, final rate for your booking request, please email us directly by mentioning the hotels name, type of room, bed configuration(single/twin/double) and periods of stay/night. we will respond your email enquiry less than 6 hours business working day.

Q: How much luggage are we allowed to take with us on the plane?

A: Since a new regulation of airline company that there are no free baggage allowances. check the Jakarta post news.

Q: Does Gili Lombok Wisata offers tour packages throughout Indonesia?

A: Yes and see details links of our webpage at: Sitemap Tours

Q: are there no direct flights from Bali airport to Pangkalan Bun airport to see Orangutan?

A: there is no direct flight from Bali to Pangkalan bun airport. You must transit in Jakarta or Surabaya airport then fly into Pangkalan bun. Pangkalan bun airport located in Centre of kalimantan (formerly Borneo). There is Garuda Indonesia flies to Pangkalanbun. you can book return while in Bali.

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