Lombok Private Shuttle Service
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Lombok Private Shuttle Service is providing to make a simple way how you use transport while visiting Lombok island. The shuttle offers pick up and drop off service only from/to Lombok airport and or accommodation around Lombok.

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Lombok Private Shuttle Service

Lombok private shuttle service is providing to anyone who intends to visit Lombok with private service. The shuttles services covering the whole Lombok. When you are on planning a holiday or business purposes. And need a vehicle on Lombok, we are ready to assist you. Before ordering the Lombok shuttle, you must inform us where shall we pick you up and drop off. Because our shuttle service encompasses areas Kuta beach Lombok and Airport. Also Mataram, Senggigi, Bangsal and Teluk Nare harbor. Lembar port, Senaru, Sembalun, and East Lombok. In general, Lombok private shuttle service serves you the whole Lombok island. Even we can serve you until Sumbawa Besar. But the shuttle service to Sumbawa is required for a minimum of 2 people. And the best option is, if you go with large groups. Thing to know, everything must be scheduled if you would take a shuttle service.

For the Lombok area includes Praya, Gerung, Tanjung, and Selong are none a minimum of required people. From one person and beyond is accepted. Another option, instead of Lombok private shuttle service. You can rent a car with a driver. So, we receive a service upon your request for Lombok transport. There are several land vehicle selection. This is depending on the number of groups. We can provide Toyota Hiace, Izu Elf, Innova, and Avanza. And Hiace and Elf are larger and can load 16 passengers. Whilst in the Innova is for 8 passengers. Avanza is a smaller one and for 5 people. If you go with luggage, we suggest you taking bigger vehicles. It is making sure that everything fits in the car. By giving unclear information to us, we will not take any responsible regards to Lombok private shuttle service.

Furthermore, driving time on Lombok from the airport to Kuta beach for less than an hour. Whilst the farthest point for driving is Sembalun and Senaru. The airport to Senggigi is 75 minutes. And Lombok airport to Bangsal harbor is 1 hour 45 minutes. Sometimes driving slower on certain occasions such as traffic jams and wedding ceremonies. The conclusion Lombok private shuttle service offers reasonable prices and experienced drivers. Also its good car condition with air-conditioned, seat belt and music.

Lombok Private Shuttle Service and The Vehicles Choices

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