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Papua Indonesia is the information for what things to do and see in Wamena, Sorong and Biak island. This information provides you to get an idea to visit Papua Indonesia. Because Papua is one of the unspoiled islands in Indonesia. So, it must be arranged well for your visit.

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Papua Indonesia

Papua Indonesia attractions and best selection of tour destination. From leisure to hiking trip itinerary. From up the mountain to nice white sand beach. It provides you more option. Hence, Papua with capital is Jayapura, offers you various activity. You can have choices for like hiking in Baliem valley. Also to explore beautiful bird of Papua. Others, enjoying beautiful beach of Raja ampat. So, Papua Indonesia is place for having a nice holiday.

Papua Indonesia is located western half of the island of New Guinea to the east. And by West Papua province to the west. It is the youngest part of Indonesia. But Papua's rich tribal traditions. And also cultures as well as wildlife. No wonder, in recent days, Papua is becoming one of most tourist destinations. It is playing a big role in tourism efforts. You can find tourist attractions such as birding, diving, culture, tribal and hiking. Also, you should not miss one of the highest seven summits in the world, Carstensz pyramid Indonesia. So, No surprisingly, there are many visiting this amazing island. Because Papua Indonesia has impressed many travelers. Although, the distance is far from Java island. It takes about six hours of the direct flight. (perhaps more included the transit time). But still, travelers are coming to these provinces. There are three most visited places in Papua Indonesia. They are Baliem Valley, Biak island and West Papua with capital of Sorong.

These three regions are well-known for tourist destinations. Therefore you must consider before you go, which areas to visit. Because Wamena, Biak, and Sorong are accessed easier by airplane only. (there is a ship but unreliable). So, if you would visit these cities, we recommend you to check out flight schedules. It has a daily flight from Jakarta to Jayapura. Then to Wamena and or to Sorong and or Biak Island. The airline serves you like Garuda, Lion Air, Batik Air. And local flight Kalstar or Trigana air.

In conclusion, on this web page, you can find Papua Indonesia attractions programs. And also, it is possible to customize any tours itinerary based on your time to visit Papua. We are happy to help you.

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papua indonesia attractions

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FORCE MAJEURE ( For flight Cancel and delay - most cases fly into remote areas in Indonesia ) :
Tour Packages excludes expenses incurred due to causes beyond our control (Force Majeure) and expenses also caused to flight cancellations & delays are not covered by we will assist in the rescheduling of all flights & organizing suitable accommodations transport and meals etc… but ALL costs are to be covered by yourself if these circumstances occur.

Papua Indonesia Attractions

  • Baliem Valley Hiking
    This itinerary is combining between hiking, camping and involve with tribes.
    • Wamena and Jayapura Tours
      Visit both city, Jayapura, capital of Papua Indonesia & Wamena city.
  • Raja Ampat Tour
    Best island trip and it is very memorable one on the island of Raja Ampat.
  • Biak Island Bird Watching
    For hobby, birding is most interesting one.
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