Places To Eat And Hanging Out On Lombok

Places to eat and hanging out on Lombok includes local food information, the warung, and Lombok cuisine. Also Where to eat, hanging out, and dining out. And Lombok offers various local and western food. Hence, if you go to Lombok, there are plenty of restaurants. Where the food tastes so delicious. From five stars resto to street food. In which all served in very tasty meals. Whilst is quite easy to eat very nicely. And places to eat and hanging out on Lombok are so easy to find. However, the best food is – for the most part – still found in the hotels. The volume just does not attract more investment. That said, there are still several good restaurants we’d like to tell you about. And whilst the list is quite short. You’ll certainly not go hungry.

places to eat and hanging out on lombok
Places To Eat And Hanging Out On Lombok

No doubt if you’re in Lombok for more than a few days. You’ll find these on your own. But life’s too short to have a bad meal. So venture outside the hotel, it is extremely pleasant. Especially since you can still take a leisurely Cidomo ride just about anywhere. And when you’re done most restaurants will give you a lift back to your hotel. And enjoy with no further ado, the knife, and fork, please. One of the great things about places to eat and hanging out on Lombok is the variety of cuisine from around the Archipelago. Just to get you started, on the lists we have outlined some of Indonesia’s most popular dishes.

In conclusion about places to eat and hanging out on Lombok divided based on certain regions. You can find almost every section of the region on Lombok. If you go to Senggigi, there are plenty of restaurants and Bars. Kuta Lombok, Mataram city, and the Gili island too. Those places as eye-catching on every corner where to eat and hanging out find easily. So, Lombok is always ready to welcome you.

Places To Eat And Hanging Out On Lombok, Senggigi Area

  • Asmara : Indonesian and Western favourites $$$
    Comments : While the kitchen isn’t in the middle of the dining
    room (ala Gili Masak), it is just off to the side in a well lit
    building open for all to see what’s going on and what’s going on
    is good food. The dining room is set back from the street and
    furnished in traditional Indonesian style – very nice and cozy.
    Location : Jalan Raya Senggigi / Telp: 693-619.
  • Cafe Alberto : Pizza and pasta $$1/2
    Comments : You want pizza, Cafe Alberto has it (that and a
    selection of pastas all at reasonable prices) served on a
    verandah overlooking the bay.
    Location : Jl. Raya Senggigi Telp. 693-039.
  • Tropicana Bar and Restaurant: Mixed menu, mostly Western $$1/2
    Comments : There is always something happening at the Tropicana.
    With its wood fired pizza oven, hearty western fare and the best
    night club in Lombok just upstairs, the Tropicana is a great
    place to spend the entire evening.
    Location : Jalan Raya Senggigi / Telp. 693-432.
  • Taman Restaurant : Indonesian and Western favourites $$1/2
    Comments : The curved shape of this always crowded restaurant
    lets you see and be seen. There is something for everyone and
    the service is very friendly and helpful. Location : Jl. Raya
    Senggigi / Telp. 693-842.
  • Happy Cafe with life music
    Comments: Good atmosphere to enjoy the night with cold beer and
    cocktails. And open air restaurant.
  • Marina Pub and Bar
    Comments : serve different night life with life band music.
    interesting interior ball room with second floor. Also other
    best option spending the night while you are visiting Senggigi

Places To Eat And Hanging Out On Lombok, Mataram Region

  • Dua Em : Ayam Taliwang $1/2
    Comments : For a taste of Ayam Taliwang (Lombok’s signature dish
    – see side bar) head over to Dua Em in Mataram, about 15 minutes
    from most hotels in Senggigi. Rub shoulders with the locals
    while enjoying the best Ayam Taliwang in Lombok (but be careful
    with the chili).
    Location : Jalan Transmigrasi, Mataram / Telp: 626-734.
  • Ayam Taliwang
    Spicy marinated chicken, grilled slowly over an open fire and
    served with white rice and kangkung (water spinach). Delicious.
  • Nasi Goreng
    Fried Rice: The ubiquitous national dish. Usually served with
    grilled chicken or beef satay & sometimes a fried egg on top.
  • Nasi Campur
    White rice, surrounded by small selection of meats, vegetables
    and condiments. Delicious and never the same twice.
  • Mie Goreng
    Bakmie means noodles. Variation on Nasi Goreng only this time
    using egg noodles but not usually served with satay.
  • Martabak
    Somewhat similar to an omelet, usually filled with minced lamb
    and vegetables. Often served as an appetizer or accompaniment.
  • Martabak
    Somewhat similar to an omelet, usually filled with minced lamb
    and vegetables. Often served as an appetizer or accompaniment.
  • Rujak
    Featuring un-ripened fruit, mangoes, apples, pineapple and so on
    mixed with a thick sweet, sour and HOT sauce that women seem to
    prefer more than men.
  • Es Campur
    Shaved ice with a variety of seasonal fruits and jellied
    candies, topped with boiled palm sugar. Yum.
  • Satay Kambing
    Goat satay. Usually served with a sweet soy sauce, no wedding
    buffet in Indonesia is complete without this all-time favourite.
  • Soto Ayam
    This is Indonesia’s version of chicken noodle soup. Almost a
    meal unto itself.
  • Sop Buntut
    Oxtail soup (with the oxtail). Hearty soup always served with a
    side of white rice.
  • Sambal
    Chili. Since most families have a Sambal recipe passed down from
    generation to generation (think Korea and Kimchee) there’s a
    good chance that there are more types of Sambal concoctions than
    there are dialects in Indonesia. Some sweet, some hot, some
    lethal. All are delicious.
  • Masakan Padang
    Indonesia’s original fast food, all dishes are precooked and
    served . You are billed for what you eat. Beef Rendang (beef
    simmered in coconut curry) is out of this world.
  • Terang Bulan
    Literally Full Moon, this dessert is prepared only at night at
    hawker stands. There are many varieties of this dessert but the
    chocolate ones are Absolutely sinful.
  • Ayam Goreng
    Fried chicken. The Colonel had better watch his backside.
    Indonesia has several fried chicken emporiums that put paid to
  • Bakso
    Indonesian style meatballs. They’re rubbery, they’re everywhere.