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Sulawesi is a must-visit. Plenty of things to do and see. Unique culture as well as amazing landscapes. Also beautiful marine bio-diversity and crystal clear water with visibility up to 40 meters. And Sulawesi island has so much diversity in cultural as well as the ancient tradition.

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Sulawesi island attractions and informations. It provides best selection trips for all Sulawesi includes Toraja, Manado, Halmahera, Palu and Kendari. This activity covers overland, rafting, hiking and relaxing. So, do not miss Sulawesi in your travel plan.

Sulawesi island is subdivided into six provinces. The provinces are Gorontalo, Mamuju, Ujung Pandang, Palu, Kendari and Manado. Each of this provinces has own local attractions. Amongst others island like Sumatra, Java & Yogyakarta. Also Kalimantan, Bali island, Sumba Flores and Papua Indonesia. Sulawesi is worth to visit too. Because they have unique ancient tradition. Moreover it is well-known for boat phinisi building. Beside the beaches is also clean crystal water. Let's say like Togian island and Bunaken. Another reason why you should visit Sulawesi?. You will amaze with Toraja cultures. Minahasan traditional wooden house. Colorful sulphur lake. In which One side of lake is colored with a mixture of blue and green. Smallest monkey at Tangkoko national park. And Bunaken is ranks amongst the best snorkeling destinations in the world.

Sulawesi formerly known as Celebes. The world's eleventh-largest island. It is governed by Indonesia. It is one of four greater Sunda islands. The boundary East Borneo and west of Maluku island. Also south Mindanao and Sulu Archipelago. Just Borneo, Sumatra and Papua Indonesia are larger in territory. And only Sumatra & Java have larger populations. The access to go to Sulawesi island is much easier. Plenty of flights from/to Jakarta. The airlines company like Garuda, Batik air and Lion air flies to this provinces. So, if you have fixed travel plan, it will not be problem. Moreover from Sulawesi you can fly to abroad.

Introducing through this page, we have designed holiday tour packages. So that, you know what things to do and see. What sort of activity during in Sulawesi. Also, we are welcome to discuss for customize trips for your groups.

How to Book Sulawesi Attractions

sulawesi island attractions

1. Please send us TOUR REQUEST ( IF prices not mentioned ) or Book Now to reserve the trip ( IF prices are mentioned in the tour programs ) including the detail date you would like to have and the number of partners.
2. Available trip departure will inform you upon received your email.
3. Please write back to us that you are confirmed available date trips departure and packages offered. NOTE: If prices exist in online packages, by sending Book Now, you agreed on cost/prices as stated in the web page trip itinerary. we will proceed for the next step, sending invoicing.
4. When we get your confirmation, we will send you the official confirmation Paper as agreed (invoice).
5.we have the right to cancel the reservation with or without notice when it over from the limit booking time.
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1. When the confirmation is sent, we require a deposit payment of 35% of the total land cost for guaranty booking(No Refund).
2. The balance of payment could be made at least 4 weeks before the departure date.
3. Payment could be made through PayPal will apply an additional surcharge 5% for the amount will be transferred.

FORCE MAJEURE ( For flight Cancel and delay - most cases fly into remote areas in Indonesia ) :
Tour Packages excludes expenses incurred due to causes beyond our control (Force Majeure) and expenses also caused to flight cancellations & delays are not covered by we will assist in the rescheduling of all flights & organizing suitable accommodations transport and meals etc… but ALL costs are to be covered by yourself if these circumstances occur.

Sulawesi Attractions

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