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Sumba Flores are two names of the lesser Sunda island. it is provinces of East Nusa Tenggara with capital is Kupang. But Flores & Suma island is the most visited places. Because they have what other island hasn't.

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Sumba Flores

Sumba Flores island offers the best attractions in the eastern parts of Indonesia. It is a mixture of wildlife on Komodo island and the ancient tradition of Sumba. Also, there is an old village with amazing house architecture. It located in districts of Manggarai, the traditional village of Wae Rebo. This village situated 1.200 m above sea level. Hence, travelers comes to Waerebo village have to walk. And uniquely, Wae Rebo village has only seven main houses or they called Mbaru Niang.

Sumba Flores is part of Lesser Sunda island. Which is belongs to East Nusa Tenggara?. There are 22 regencies that includes one of a municipality. This is of the names:

Number Regencies The Capital
1 Alor Kalabahi
2 Belo Atambua
3 Ende Ende
4 East Flores Larantuka
5 Kupang Oelamasi
6 Lembata Lewoleba
7 Malaka Betun
8 Manggarai Ruteng
9 West Manggarai Labuan Bajo
10 East Manggarai Borong
11 Nagekeo Mbay
12 Ngada Bajawa
13 Rote Ndao Baa
14 Sabu Raijua Seba
15 Sikka Maumere
16 West Sumba Waikabubak
17 Southwest Sumba Tambolaka
18 Central Sumba Waibakul
19 East Sumba Waingapu
20 South Central Timor Soe
21 North Central Timor Kefamenanu
22 Municipality of Kupang Kupang

Sumba Flores has many interesting places to visit. But Sumba & Flores are separated island. Hence, easy access is flying from Bali island. If you are from Sumatra, Java & Yogyakarta. Or from Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Ambon Maluku, and Papua Indonesia. You need to fly to Jakarta or to Bali. Also possible either by flight or boat trip from Lombok to Flores. But however, going to Sumba island is a must by airplane.

East Nusa Tenggara with a variety of tourist holiday attractions. The tour packages which located mainly in Flores and Sumba. But some trips program is customizable. Moreover, we can accommodate any type of request for visiting Sumba Flores island. Most travelers are visiting Labuan Bajo. Also hiking to Mt Kelimutu three color lake. And explore Sumba with exotic traditions and unique houses.

How to Book Sumba Flores Attractions

sumba flores attractions

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Sumba Flores Attractions

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