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West Lombok is used to be popular for Lombok tourism as it has been becoming a pioneer for many years. Due to autonomy economic region, West Lombok split into two. West and North Lombok. Nowadays, Lombok is developing and you can find many tourist destination around the island.

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West Lombok

West Lombok information, what things to do, local attractions and sightseeing around West of Lombok includes West Sekotong, Senggigi, Narmada & Lingsar.

West Lombok or Indonesian Lombok Barat is part of West Nusa Tenggara province. In this regency, it is divided into 10 districts. They are Gerung, Kediri district, Narmada, Sekotong, Labu Api, Gunung Sari, Lingsar, Lembar, Batu Layar, and Kuripan. The total area 896,56 kilometers squares. Thus, amongst West Lombok districts, Sekotong and Batu Layar is the most visited place. Because these two places are worth to visit. Narmada and Lingsar are also good for sightseeing. Of course, Lembar is well known for the ferry cross from Lombok to Bali. On this page, we would like to discuss Sekotong, Batu Layar, Narmada, and Lingsar. In these places, you can consider where to go and what think to do. Also from the Narmada, you can head to the east, visit East Lombok regency. And visit the official website of West Lombok.

Boundaries of West Lombok.
North: Pemenang, Mount Rinjani, North Lombok Regency.
South: Lombok Basin, Indian Ocean.
West: Lombok Strait.
East: Praya Barat, Central Lombok Regency.

West Lombok & Things To Do

west lombok informationSekotong is located in the southern part of Lombok. This place is near with nice beach. The famous destination in Sekotong is in the West Lombok part. In which you can find islands. In these islands, tourists can snorkel with the calm of the sea. And relax on the white sandy beaches. The islands, however, still lack access to clean water. It is about 300 people every day to visit here. The access to West Sekotong is easy from Mataram. Especially if you have Grab apps, then just order through your cellphone. Or You may hire our car with a driver.

Batu Layar is the Northern part of Mataram. This place so much easier to reach. Because it is one most busy road every day. The famous place is Senggigi. Here you can find many hotels, cafes, and Restaurant. Senggigi used to be a pioneer of tourism in Lombok. Hence, however, Senggigi still nice place to visit.

The Narmada is in the Eastern part of Mataram. And Mataram is the capital of West Nusa Tenggara. Narmada and Lingsar are two close districts in West Lombok. But they are slightly bit different in offering the atmosphere. The Narmada well known for the Hindu kingdom and Lingsar most temple is located. Beside the green panorama along the rice terraces. others, Lingsar has a more natural beauty panorama.

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