What You Should Know Before Traveling To Lombok
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before travel to lombok island

What you should know before traveling to Lombok. Please check about weather climates. Where to go and what about Lombok local culture. Also do not forget to get updated information. Hope, Lombok island should be your next vacation.

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What You Should Know Before Traveling To Lombok

What you should know before traveling to Lombok. And also other things which you should not forget to check up to date information before travel to Lombok. Because you need to read and knowing the specific pieces of information. Especially if you go beyond your country. Hence, if you intend to visit Lombok with your friends and family. There is some information that you need to know. For instance, Public service, Where to eat, Government offices and other Lombok useful information. That's why what you should know before traveling to Lombok is very important. This includes visa validity periods and where the immigration office in Lombok. Moreover, letting you know what DO’S & DONT’S, what you should wear and what does the local tradition. So, when you come to Lombok, you already know and understand about Lombok cultures and tradition. Especially for visiting Lombok sacred places such as the traditional villages, temples, and ancient Mosque.

Other things which you should bear in mind like personalized medicine. Also what you should know before traveling to Lombok are weather conditions. Because Indonesia generally has two seasons. Which occurs periods April to end of October is the dry season. And then November until the end of March is the rainy season. Well, sometimes the dry season longest than the wet season. It is just what people called global warming. Hence, you will not be wrong on taking the holiday season to Lombok or to Indonesia. Furthermore, travel to Lombok is much easier at this time. The accommodation, roads and street signs are seen most every intersection road. Also, Lombok and Bali are a small island if compare to others like Sumatra, Java & Yogyakarta. Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Sumba Flores. And Ambon Maluku and Papua Indonesia. But, however, it mus be on your list what you should know before traveling to Lombok.

In addition, Lombok has four main areas called Regency and one municipality. And traveling around this island only takes one day. It is due, this is a small island but it is also a beautiful one. So, has Lombok become your next holiday. And before traveling to Lombok, please check one of this information.

What You Should Know Before Traveling To Lombok

  • Lombok General Informations
    Lombok comes from Lumbuk ,means rice paddy shelter. The island of Lombok is located east of Bali. Tourism is not quite as developed yet as Bali and it is that reason which makes Lombok the perfect getaway. Escape to picturesque mountainside landscapes to white sand beaches of the Gili Islands. A place to relax and unwind from the daily life back home.
  • Lombok Sumbawa Public Services
    Addresses, Phone number, Government Offices on Lombok. Lombok public service, Bank, Hospital, Airlines company, Travel agent, Information and Addresses of Local Government offices, Public Hospital, Banks, Radio, Airlines Ticket, Travel Agencies and Police Station.
  • Lombok Restaurant - Where to Eat
    Senggigi Places to Eat - Hanging Out Whilst is quite easy to eat very nicely (and cheaply) in Lombok, the best food is - for the most part - still found in the hotels. The volume just does not attract more investment.
  • Lombok Useful Informations
    Travel Tips and Useful Information on Lombok there is more crafts than art. The main crafts of Lombok are practical items made for everyday use, but showing great skills and finish, traditional techniques and natural, locals materials. Villages specialize in certain crafts, and it's interesting to travel to a number of them, seeing hand weaving in one village, basket ware in another and pottery in third.
  • Travel Advice Informations
    Travel advice information is preparation and the journey visiting Indonesia such as countries and territories are eligible for a Visa Free facility.
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